Best Bug Out Backpack (And Other Bags) [2020]

If you’re planning a BOB, you’re going to want a bug out backpack. Or at least some other sort of bag. One of the most important parts of your bug out bag is the bag itself. You won’t make it far if you’re trying to carry your gear and supplies in plastic shopping bags. 

One bug out backpack next to another.

The biggest rule to keep in mind when you’re picking and packing your bag is to try and keep it at 10% of your weight. Max, you can go up to 20%, but that’s for the most physically fit. This means that if you’re 200 lbs, you should shoot for 20 lbs. This should be kept in mind if your bug out plan involves any kind of walking. 

The list below gives you a variety of bags that are ready for action. These can be bug out bags, get home bags, or even car go-bags. If you’re looking for a bag, you can find one to fit your needs here!

Best General Bug Out Backpack

The first bug out backpack in the list here is a good all around backpack. This bag can roll into pretty much any situation. The company that makes it is veteran owned and they stand by their products being combat-ready. You don’t get a better endorsement than that.

Let’s talk features. Cinch straps allow you to compress or expand this bag into what you need. You can fit this bag to any job you need it for.

It’s got specialized compartments. Close to the main pouch you’ll find a water bladder. This makes this an excellent hiking bag on top of a bug out bag. In the front you’ll find a universal holster. Securing your defense will be an important part of securing your supplies.

All in all, if you’re looking for a general purpose bag that will stand the test, look no further!

Best Big Bug Out Duffle

This bag is beefy. Users love the spaciousness of it. One reviewer even boasts that he can easily carry 120 lbs of gear in this bag!

Of course, a bug out bag shouldn’t be that heavy. That said, this makes an excellent INCH bag, if you can transport it! 

You can fill this bag with a tent, sleeping bags, pillows, all sorts of bulky or luxury items. If you can bug out with your car, having this bag pre-packed will let you take anything you could want!

When bags have enough space for a lot of weight, sometimes they have trouble holding up. This is not one of those bags! This bag is durable, and it’ll stay durable time and time again!

Best Backpacker’s Bug Out Backpack

This bug out backpack blends the strengths of my previous two picks here. It’s spacious, more spacious than you strictly need. But with that, it’s still lightweight and easy to carry.

As far as backpacking bags go, this is an excellent price. You’re getting a lot of value for just $50.

This backpack has a lot of space on the inside. It’s got large pockets and a generous shoe pocket at the front bottom. Even more than that, the side straps allow you to strap in tools or shelter on the outside.

Reviewers agree! With a 4.5 star rating out of over 1000 reviews, this bag is the real deal. Owners rave about the value! This is a $200 value bag that they’re selling for much much less!

Best Bug Out Backpack For Kids

If you’ve got kids, your bug out plan get’s a lot more complicated. They’re small, and their supplies is small, but they still need quite a bit. They can’t carry much themselves. But, getting them their own little backpack will keep the strain off. It’ll also let them contribute to the family’s overall survival.

This bag doesn’t have a lot hanging off of it. Those with kids will know that having less for them to catch on is a good thing. 

Parents all over love this bag for their children. It’s comfortable and still spacious. Kids love it, too! They love being able to carry their own things and having a bag all their own!

Keeping spirits up is an important part of bugging out. Giving your child a job, even a small one, helps them feel important!

Best Bug Out Briefcase

I wanted to include one more type of bag. This bag bridges the gap between your average backpack and a messenger bag.

Designed for police, this bag has many pockets and a lot of space. This will let you organize your gear and keep it all handy.

The uses of this bag seem endless. Some owners use it as a gear bag while they’re in the gym. The low profile and mute colors disguise anything you put inside as being of little interest.

Some owners even use this as a diaper bag! It’s a lot less frilly than the floral diaper bags you see everywhere.

This bag is versatile. If you’re looking for a casual bag with a lot of possibilities, this is the bag for you!

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