Best Bug Out Shoes – All Shapes And Kinds

When you hit the road to bug out, there’s no telling what will be in your way. You may not have your vehicle long, if at all. If you’ve got to hoof it, the most important thing you’ve got is your bug out shoes, maybe even more important than your bag. You won’t make it far in flats or loafers.

Pair of bug out shoes in the forest.

The best shoes for bugging out are sturdy but lightweight. You want hiking shoes. They come in a variety of shapes and styles but one thing doesn’t change: they’re made for walking.

Below is a list of the best bug out hiking shoes for men and women that I could find. Whether you prefer the ankle protection of boots or the weight of sneakers, I’ve got you covered.

Best Bug Out Hiking Shoes

Men’s Bug Out Shoes

Women’s Bug Out Shoes

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Merrel is a great brand for anything hiking footwear. It’s the brand that I personally wear when I’m on the trail. My boots were tried by fire on a 100 mile mountain-backpacking trip. They haven’t stopped rocking and rolling since.

The first thing you notice when you get a good pair of hiking shoes is how they feel on your feet compared to sneakers. You’ve got to break them in but after you do they feel like they’re made for walking. 

These Merrel’s feature Vibram soles. Vibrams are a staple in footwear. You’ll find them in quality shoes from motorcycle boots to sneakers to those shoes with toes.

The next thing you might notice about these shoes is that they’re waterproof. Unfortunately, they only come up to below the ankle. This means they’ll only only protect you as far as they cover, but that’s what pants are for.

The tongue on these shoes isn’t it’s own flap, it’s all one piece. This means you don’t have to worry about dirt or debris getting into your shoes. If the SHTF, you know there’s going to be debris.

The best part about these shoes might be the price. For under $100 in most sizes and colors, these shoes pack quality! They’re a great value for a great shoe!

Best Bug Out Trail Shoes

Men’s Bug Out Shoes

Women’s Bug Out Shoes

Salomon X Ultra-3 Trail Shoe

These shoes look about as far from a hiking boot as you could be. But that couldn’t be more wrong. They might look like sneakers but these hiking shoes will keep you trucking with the best of them.

Salomon makes a quality shoes, these are the proof!

Let’s start with the comfort. When you’re out on the trail, especially if you’re moving fast, comfort matters. If you’ve got an uncomfortable shoe, it’ll get unbearable if you have to push it. These hiking shoes have padding all throughout to conform to your foot. Not only are the shoes designed for your feet, but they’re also designed for the differences in your feet. The men’s and women’s shoes differ in their shape to make sure that they fit as accurately as possible.

The tread on these shoes is specifically designed for rough terrain. The shapes on the bottom of the shoe help catch traction, especially on downhills.

All of this and a durable, hardened toe protector too! These shoes are seriously sturdy! That doesn’t compromise their weight for a second. Weight is a very big part of bugging out. These shoes keep the weight low so you can spend it where it really counts.

If you want a pair of hiking shoes that’s light and agile, without sacrificing durability, these are the shoes for you!

Best Bug Out Hiking Boots

Men’s Bug Out Hiking Boots

Women’s Bug Out Hiking Boots

Timberland White Ledge Ankle Boot

If you’re looking for a more traditional pair of hiking boots, this is likely what you were thinking of. Timberland and a known, trusted brand. This one’s a mid-length boot, only just covering your ankle. This is about as high as I’d recommend for a bug out boot. Any higher and your boot will be get pretty heavy. This length provides the support and ankle protection you want from a boot. But, it still keeps light.

The 100% full grain leather is naturally waterproof. Timberland also uses waterproof seam-sealed construction. This will keep your whole foot warm and dry, nothing’s getting in!

The metal on the boot is rustproof and designed for speed. These will keep you quick to lace and it’ll keep your laces in good shape.

Timberland’s are a high-quality shoe, and you pay for quality. Even with that said, these boots come in under $100. For a good pair of boots, that price is a deal!

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